"The MG"

MG engine compartment

I bought this MG brand new in October 1968. The car was special ordered from England
with wire wheels, overdrive and the optional "Heater" heat in British cars in the early
days was an option! Taking almost 5 months to arrive after ordering in May.
I took delivery in a blinding snow storm

Recent car show in Victoria

The car was treated to a special process called Ziebart... this
is where small holes are drilled into the closed box sections
of the unit body construction and a mixture of oil and viscous is sprayed
to stop condensation and road salts from rusting out the body...in
England I believe it is called Waxoil...as you can see the
the body is still in great shape.

gymcarna event
Out on the track

After a high speed slalom I was able to take a passager along to show
her the course...I was able to place in the top ten. The car has been
in many events from speed to display and has done very well
over the years.

Trophies over the years

Some of the trophies that the car has won over the years. The tall totem is from
the "GoF" held in Victoria in 1984, the car won first in class for 1968-74 MGB.
this was also the first time that the "B" series cars were
allowed to enter a normally "T" series event. One of the other notable Trophies was
the Mike Maning award for the most authentic and original
unrestored car.

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