Greenwood School Days
In The 1950's

Greenwood Ontario SS# 9 Pickering

What follows are a few photographs
in and around the old school. They were taken
by mostly myself or my friends if they could get the camera out of  my hands.
The quality is a bit spotty but not bad for an 8 year old processing his own stuff.

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All photographs
  are copyright and belong to the webmaster. Request for use of a  picture file can be had
by emailing me.

Kerry Brock
Kerry Brock getting a good hit...the ball would be going now
where Valley View School is. Picture taken in May 1958 looking North to the Nicholsons
(first house), the Owen house (next), in the far distance the Corbetts.

Gordon and Friend
Gordon Toggerson (right) and a taller varmit playing cowboys at recess. Photograph taken
1955 on the North side of the school, notice the pant legs rolled up to mount their steeds. How
times have changed notice no locks on the bikes and do you think those
six guns would be allowed in school today?

Jerry Stachow
Jerry Stachow 1952/3. "One teacher Eight Grades!"
Before a curtain was put up to divide the school into two rooms.
Then Mrs. Eastwood came shortly afterwards after Jerry left
another teacher was hired...I think her name was Audrey. In this picture behind Jerry is
the Mackay farm on the corner of Westney road and Kings Highway 7.

Double Trouble
As well as attending PS#9 4-H Club was part of Greenwood living.
I can recognize Bonnie Gardiner and Nancy Nicholson...who do
you recognize from this 1958 Photo?

Beth and Tree
So what is with those six shooters? Beth Hill and one of the Klassen girls
pretend it is high noon. More rolled up pant legs...we all rode bikes.
Are all the 6 Maple trees still standing? Great fun to walk the fence
and see if you could make it from tree to tree. If you look
real close someone is doing that very thing. Summer fun
in 1954.

Pascoe Harvest
By 1956 I was really starting to get into photography...well I was 10!
Always looking for life around Greenwood this photo of "The Harvest"
Was taken on the Pascoe Farm...looks like they have some more bags to fill.

Beth Hill
Turning my lens on people my first portrait
was of Beth Hill...great skirt and are those penny loafers.

Well one more picture and Lets call it done for now otherwise
this page will take forever if you are on dialup...sorry!

Colour Group
Not taken by me...I am the weird guy in the middle with the
horizontal fashion statement. I recognize Janice Clarke
in the pink and Gary Titterton on the end of my row...who can you name?
I think there is a window now in this West end of the school
over looking the valley.

Finally this is me now...still taking pictures and putting books together
for a living...yes and still driving my old MG, and looks like still wearing the same shirt.

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