John G. Diefenbaker
Greenwood School
"Ms May Brown" a many generation resident of  Greenwood,
remembers John Diefenbaker getting his curls trimmed at the general store. "Yes
at one time as well as buying nails and picking up your mail
you could get your hair cut at the store". Ms Brown went onto say..." Long before
John became the primeminister of Canada his dad Bill (William T. Diefenbaker) briefly taught
School here (Greenwood) while his mother Mary (Mary F. Diefenbaker) worked in the general store".

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Greenwood Ontario SS#9 Pickering

Getting ready for class ...Winter57
Back row (left to right) John Moore, Ronnie Titerton, Mike Benns
with Eric Benns in front. It looks like afternoon recess by the shadows. Anyone
remember playing Fox and Hounds on the snow covered baseball diamond?

Recess 1957
Recess 1957, sitting on the old well in the front of the school, Westney road is behind them.
Front Row
(right to left) Sharon Clarke, Beth Hill, Wanda Moore, Lynn Jackman
Back row
(right to Left) Bonnie Moore, Verna Closson.

Singing Competion
Singing Competition 1956 Ajax Ontario. Mrs Eastwood and
senior grades 5 to 8.

Front of the school ...I never realized that there are no windows in the front. The
group on the left must be mostly grade 5, 6, 7 and 8. Never did I ever think
these old pictures would see the light of day again.

Verna Closson
Verna Closson just about to open those big doors. On Halloween, hay ricks, lawn chairs,
anything that was not bolted down found its way in front of these doors. Needless to say
school would be a little late in starting!

Student Teachers
...with the fellas goofing off...I don't think they appreciated
having the picture taken...1958.

Paper Delivery on Skiis
Wayne Elson, Janice Clarke in the blue parka and Ronnie Staley
delivering the newspaper in winter on skis...anyone remember
the name of the paper? MacKay barn in the background

Nancy Nicholson, Sharon and Bonnie, go
for a ride on Maude the horse. Maude was a Shire horse
that worked on the Gardiner farm between Greenwood and Brougham

Gun Club
Greenwood Gun Club 1966,  Looks like taken in Puckerins pit?

Scout Bicycle Rally
Greenwood Boy Scout Bicycle fun!
The Leader Doug Morden
on the far left and his son Lloyd Morden beside him.

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