Greenwood School Days
In The 1950's
Greenwood Ontario SS# 9 Pickering

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Page 3 of in and around Greenwood...not too many folks show up on this page
just some photos from 1957 of what I remember best that made this a
great community to grow up in and be a part of. Through the seasons, whether it was a cool dip in
Duffins creek at the bottom of the hill, skating on the turttle pond, or
strapping on some skis and finding a good hill, we
never complained about being too hot or cold.

Consession 5
Concession 5 where it crosses the lower road. The road leads down to the continuation of Duffins creek
then climbs a hill to where my friend Gordon Toggerson lived.

Lower Road
Same corner as the above photo but looking North up the lower road leading
up to Greenwood store about a mile up the road. On this corner
once stood an old derelict house that met it's demise one Halloween when
some Toronto college students blew it up!

Cocession 5
Looking North East towards the Closson farm on Westney road. The dairy herd belonged
to the red barn farm, Two brothers Bill and Howard Ormerod
and their
sister Edith. (Thanks to Steve Jackman for the ID of that farm)

Top Road Concession 5
The far field on the right is the same field as the green pasture. The road is the Upper road into Greenwood
Turn left here and you would be soon to the Webb looks a little cold!

Transcanada Pipeline
The Trans Canada Pipeline went through North of Greenwood on I believe the 8/9 concession.
We all went out to have a look at that in 1957...there must be a marker there now.
Has anyone been by that spot lately?

Whistling Hill
Further North we get into Uxbridge region. This photo is taken from the top of Whistling Hill
looking back towards Greenwood, Ajax and Pickering. In the
distance the long blue horizon is Lake Ontario.

Dad and new property
Back to Greenwood and a photograph of my Dad. In 1958 as well as having the
white clapboard house near the school dad bought a few acres of land
on the bottom road about 1/2 mile from the general store. Here we see him
finishing up a temporary gate at the entrance to the property. The white
house in the background is where Cathy Wilson lived.

Duffins Creek behind Cathy Wilsons house. The creek was a wonderful place
to play and hang out on a hot day...or maybe for a little fishing. This section of the creek
would be in the 5th concession.

The next two photographs were taken a little further afield from
Greenwood. These two photos were taken at the four corners in Whitby. The
reason for all the activity is for when Canada beat Russia and became world
champions in 1958...maybe one of you hockey buffs can tell me
if that is the right year.
Whitby 1957
Check out that great car...and the hair cuts look like duck tails...all the rage in 1957.
Maybe someone checking out this page still has the would
probably be worth a small fortune now.

Whitby 57
Still Whitby and the traffic jam clebrating the Hockey just
gotta love those cars!

1960 was also the Centenary of Greenwood School. Here is a movie kindley shared
by Wanda Pitchforth. Click on the titles below...

1860 - 1960 Greenwood School Centenial Movie Part 1

Greenwood Centenial Movie Part 2

...after the movie don't forget to come back
to this page for more Greenwood!

Greenwood Church Addition
Moving ahead to the mid 60's...I believe 1967 the new addition
was added to the United Church half way up Greenwood first new car when I
returned to Canada was the Austin parked in the shadows
at the front of the parking lot by the road. This photograph was taken
by Mrs. Dyers fence at the back of her property.

The Trimble Home
Looking West from our home opposite Blakes on Greenwood hill. This grey house belonged to
the Trimbles. You can just make out the Paddock on the #7 Highway. Further West
the highway leads to Brougham  passing the Gardiner
can just make out their house and barn on the horizon.

Bill and Paula Lishman in the 1967 Canadian Centenury Parade. Not sure
if this was taken in Pickering or Brougham. If you look carefully
they are pulling one of Bills wonderful metal sculptures, this one
looks like a horse in full gallop. His wonderful sculptures can be
found all around Canadian towns and airports.

1967 display
1967 Canadiana 100 year display was part of the Greenwood festivities.

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