Greenwood School Days
In The 1950's
Greenwood Ontario SS# 9 Pickering

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Greenwood In the 1950's and 60's was very active in sports and clubs
ranging from 4H, Quilting, Softball, Theater, Choirs, SigmaC, The Bluebirds, Horseshoes,
Scouts...just to name a few...

Doug Morden was one of the Scout leaders here he is passing out an award to I believe is one of
his sons Larry Morden...maybe some of you folks can drop me a message in the guest book
to help identify some of the fellows in this picture. In the rest of these pages if
you see someone that you recognize please leave a note for the rest of us. These are really
our history and we can have some fun...if you have some older pics of greenwood, maybe
family members enjoying themselves, please send them along.

Greenwood Colours
Some of the Greenwood Troop at the International Meet held near Greenwood...
...that might be Puckerings pit in the background...or the pit Southeast
of Brougham...anyone remember?

Anyone that was in the Greenwood Cubs remember these two chaps?

Greenwood also had a very active Rover Scout group that even traveled to
British Columbia on a Rover Moot. Here is Lloyd Morden
receiving the Lanyard. The Rover leader had a farm
almost opposite the Hills...but I cannot remember his name?

Greenwood Softball
Greenwood Softball Team about 1957/8. Thanks to Chantel Bigras for finding
this picture. Yes that is an official Greenwood turns 50years old this year!
( does the mud!) I was dreadful at softball...the bench and I kept each other company. It
was fun traveling on the bus to the games, because the members lived all
over the neighbourhood, it would travel to pick us all up.

Reunion 1
A few pictures of the Greenwood school was sometime in the 1980's
help me fill in the details.

Reunion 3
A quite moment to reflect at the reunion. The gentleman on the left is
teacher Jerry Stachow, Lynn and Steve Jackmans mom "Gwen" in
the middle, but not sure who the lady on the far right is?
Reunion 2
Commemorative plates were on sale...anyone still have one?

Another submission from Chantel...approx 1930. The crossroads in the right hand corner
is where the General store is.

Mike Nicholson
All the pics don't have to be old is a recent picture of
the old school taken this year by Mike Nicholson. It is fun for folks
like me that have not been back to the village to see how it has changed over
the years...Thanks Mike!

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