More Historic Racing in the Pacific Northwest
Catch My Wheel.....please!
Now here is something you don't see everyday...the early Minis were notorious for
breaking off their wheels around the studs. This is Bob again, this time on the Mount Doug Hill
Climb. Those early wheels did not stand up to taking corners. Bob took the wheel back to
the dealer and got a set of 4 new Cooper wheels for no charge..."Oh" he did not
mention to the dealer that the Min had been driven a bit quick.  What
makes this picture even more special, it was done with a Kodak Brownie.  A
quick note if you are driving on a set of early wheels you might just want
to check for cracks!

The Carousel
Number 73 finding itself further south at "Pacific Raceway" near Kent Washington USA.
This is the first lap bunch up.

Dune Buggy
The first Dune Buggy in Victoria BC was made by Bob and his dad. Here
we have Bob using it for a trials car.

Westwood 1962
Westwood, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1962
W.Gibbons Photo

Westwood Circa 1963
Westwood Circa 1963... Two Coopers (blue and Green) a Cheeta and a Ferrari poking it's nose in at the top.
...thanks for the ID Mike...
W.Gibbons Photo

And they are off
With a green flag "They are off !"
Westwood 1964 Start of the season.
W.Gibbons Photo

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