Behind the scenes...

Getting the bodywork done was the first order of business. Sanding down
the original paint and sandblasting the seams to get rid of
of all the surface rust turned up some holes and rotten metal that had to be replaced.
Pretty normal events in prepping a car. Any bad metal under the new paint
will come back to haunt you. Mike and his friend Andy Nelson did
a wonderful job trimming out the old  and gas welding in all the new metal.

Arnold and Tony
Mike's brother Tony
(left) and Arnold Parlee discuss the Mini, while doing body
work.  The door and glass just have a rough mask to keep out the primer
over spray.

New metal gas welded in
New metal has been gas welded in and the body seams have had the
sandblaster over them. The only way to make sure there is no surprises later
in the day.

Mikes Brother Tony Owen scratching on the Mini.
Tony again scratching on the Mini...the new bodywork tools that are
being produced these days are wonderful. The olden days of some sandpaper
glued to a 2x4 are long gone...but the elbow grease hasn't changed!

Arnold, Mike and Tony
Arnold , Mike and Tony hard at it! ...are we getting ready for paint yet?
......oh please!! Top photo the painting has begun!

Arnold Parlee
Beneath the mask he is  smiling... Arnold Parlee catching the last
bits of roughness before spraying starts.

Mike, Arnold and Tony
Mike laying on the first coat of prime...Tony and Arnold look on
making sure Mike does not get the paint on upside down.

...on to more behind the scenes.
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