Behind the scenes Page 2
Bolting in the racing bits

Fuel Cell Case
Neil Tregear has been hard at work sorting out the case for the fuel cell. Inside
this steel case the fuel cell will reside. Racing regulation for some classes require this
way of carrying fuel. Good regulations keep the driver and the spectators
as safe as possible.

Basic Motor lump
The basic motor lump...  accessories are being added, in this instance  the oil line lines
are starting to take shape.

Niel working on the motor
Neil Tregear spinning some spanners on Mikes motor.
Special valve springs and cam help the motor to turn up to over 8000RPM!

Parts getting painted
The never ending bits to be painted.

Fuel Cell Painted
The Fuel Cell with it's coat of new paint.

New Paint
First glimpse of the new paint..."Pepper White"!

Mike and Brian
Mike and Brian discuss the paintwork.

Some of the other bits were painted seperately.

Bill gathering the car
Bill gathering the car from the painters.

Back to the workshop
Back to the workshop from the painter , thanks to bill and his trailer.

...more to come!

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