Terry Lyttle
A feast of automobilia from Singers to a Lumbergini!

The lead photo of the Bantam Rooster hood ornament can only be a trusty little singer. With a 750cc
overhead cam engine. Possibly more power than 948 Morris.

Singer Tail
And the other end of the singer with a classic plate. In England they have a license registry where
one can track your cars journey through life. Unlike North America the license plate
of your auto stays with it till the wrecker comes.

Singer Front
Graceful lines make this little beauty a favorite amongst collectors.

Hill Climb
A montage of a hill climb at Mount Douglas in Victoria .  (Clockwise from the top)  Jaguar in full
racing trim, A brave lad offering up a new 300SL to fate, Billy Foster coasting back down the
hill...a light cross sprung, powerful beast made quite a sight hurtling up the hill.
Finally a little Cooper making charge in full song. All great fun in the early 60's.

"The Hat" ...a project for the local NAPA dealer (ya think?) for a May 28 parade. Amazing
what a fella can do with an old lawn mower some 1x1 and some 1/4" plywood!

Staying with wood..."The Lumbergini"!
All made from wood and licensed for the road. It caused quite a stir in the motor vehicle
department during certification!

Early Version
An early version of the "Lumbergini" The cycle fenders on the front were unsatisfactory
so Terry built a set of sweeping fenders that were attached to running board; much better.
Terry also redid the the trunk area with a proper lid, putting the spare inside.
A friend of Terry's John Hill-Tout said the trunk is now big just big
enough for half a ham sandwich and a change of thought!

Lumber Rear
All ready for a sporty jaunt!

The Fridge
A local machine called the Frigidaire, 'cuz he made it from, an old freezer. Driver/passenger
sit kinda sideways, no shoulder room. Really small, really light. He found a Datsun
Automatic for power, and an Austin 7 front axle. It is really cute, and quick!

This photo and the two following are Mossport in the early 60's

A typical scene that was repeated all across North America in 1960  amateur motor sport.

A well worn Austin Healey getting tied down for the ride home. Other than a single hoop
 roll bar, not too much in the form of safety gear.

Morris Traveler
Terry's trusty Morris Traveller...sporting racy Vega wheels!

Not Quite finished yet but...
Greyhound   ...almost
Terry seems to have a Greyhound buss parked in his driveway...look close, those are go kart wheels
in front???   Actually built for parade work...and one passenger/driver. It is 1/4 scale 10 feet long 3 feet high. All
rear wheels are driven through belts and shafts with full Akermann stearing. 220lbs without the driver.
The little buss on the top is a piggy bank scale model that was used for the plan. Funny thing
Terry missed this in the first batch of material he sent me...he says " Don't know how I
missed it on my list, the bloody thing is taking up a lot of garage space!"

So who is this???
...well someone has to drive the bloody thing!

Great when things come together! Terry hacked up a couple of 16" bicycles, used the pedal hub, rear
forks, chain etc. for drive, and built a front axle/steering system. The rest is plywood. It came out at  just
around 40 lbs., and survived every kid in the neighbourhood, plus visitors, for - 8 years. I had entered it
in a woodcraft show in Kamloops, where it was ignored: not innovative enough. It was on its
way back when a trucker saw it cross docking in Kelowna; "Gotta have it!! My granddaughter needs that car!!
I will pay anything!" and I never saw it again. Worse I can't remember what I spent the
money on. In all the time it was here, it was never rolled or damaged, and at one time
I saw four kids on it, having a great time.

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