On the Track
The Mini that is destined to become the star had humble beginnings. On the behind
 the scenes race prep pages we will see this Mini getting completely new
internals to make the little beasty track/race safe. Also we will see the bodywork getting a complete
 make over.

Before Restoration
The basis for the car before under going changes to top notch racing condition. Here is Mike
shortly before a race at Western Speedway giving the motor and drive train
a work out...the dents and the paint brush work on the body
was done by the previous owner...hmmmm!

SU Carbs

Where a there once was an 850cc Austin engine (the first Mini's came off the assembly lines
with 850cc as the base engine) Mike did some modifications. This engine has been bored
out to near 1500cc, Triumph 250 size pistons used, the crankshaft was machined to
lengthen the stroke and the internals of the crankcase
relieved  so the crank could turn. The cam shaft is a factory original
racing spec item. To comply with the "Vintage Racing" specs
a new 1275cc motor is being assembled.

Laguna Seca
Mike cruising the track at Laguna Seca
USA. in Rachels Mini.

It does not get much better than this...kids, grand kids, racers and Minis!

Rachel cooks the Burgers
Scott MacDougall photo
Rachel and Andy Nelson put on a great spread for all the mini folks in their paddock
area...as well as being a hot racer Rachel fires up the Bar-B-Q and
we all had a great feast...what a great way to spend a day of Mini racing!
Rachel not in her racing gear but in the blue top and red hat.
A great big Thank You to Rachel and Andy.

Rachel suited up
Rachel Nelson suited up and preparing her Mini for the next race.
Scott MacDougall photo

Andy Nelson Checking the temp
Andy Nelson checking the temp of the motor with a special device
that can register temps by pointing the gun like device
and area check the size of a quarter. Pinpointing trouble spots
of inadequate cooling.
Scott MacDougall photo

A fix
Andy trying a fix for the overheating.
Scott MacDougall photo

The fix
Trying to divert more cooling into the radiator a simple piece of a
plastic jug is fastened in place.
Scott MacDougall photo

Mikes mini on the left having some additional volts being added.

Roller Rockers
Tony Lewis came up from Oregon, breezing in with
these Titan Roller rockers with 1.5 1 Ratio!

Tape on the lights
Grassroots racing...drive the car to the track...tape the lights...go race!


Doing some final tweaks!

Andys cockpit
As well as having this neat cockpit to have fun with...Andy is a captain and
pilots 727 airliners for a living.

Fire system
The fire system in Andys car.

The noisy bit
The noisy bit that makes Andy's car go Varooooom!

Rachels engine
The engine in Rachels car.

Line up
Pre start line up grid...the three minis from left to right...
Andy Nelson, Rachel Nelson,  my brother Mike Owen.

The first outing  Mission Raceway in British Columbia
Sunday  April 28 2007! click the Cooper badge.
The camera was a pocket point and shoot so sorry for the bad image quality but the Mini
engines sound great soooooo...turn your  your speakers way up!

Mission Race Link

More to come on this page...watch this space...!

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