The First Wheldon Wagon Transfer

Rob and Ron

Ron Brown (right) presenting Rob Kuhlman with the "Wheldon Wagon"

The Jack Wheldon Coal Rob Kuhlman

I've had a strong interest in the work of Jack Wheldon. His locomotive designs were seminal; and his writings about the philosophy and practicality of scenic scale garden steam verge on classic literature, in my humble opinion, and helped get the garden steam hobby moving in the 70's to its present position.

For several years I lusted for a "POOTER" and was fortunate enough to obtain
a Roundhouse version of the Wheldon design. On Saturday, June 19th 1999, my elder son and I trekked up to Paradise East to run on Ron Brown's new 45mm gauge elevated railroad (my Lady Anne and mock deWinton are regaugeable to the broad gauge). At this event, his early summer Open House, Ron presented me with quite a legacy--a 32mm gauge coal wagon built by Jack Wheldon.

It seems that when Jack passed away in the Fall of 1988, the wagon was obtained by Dave Pinniger who subsequently passed it on to Ron when SITG got established. As a keeper of the 32mm torch, I was deemed by Ron to be a suitable steward of this treasure.

I gladly accepted!

I'd love to run this wagon, particularly behind the POOTER, but I'm not sure I ought to. I should think that Jack would want his equipment to be alive and running, but rolling stock does suffer wear and tear, and in the relative life of our hobby, this car is an important historical piece. What I am inclined to do is to fabricate 2 or 3 replicas which can be operated without anxiety...(end of excerpt from article).

Rob goes on to give measurements and drawings for those who might also wish to try  building one. I will have the drawings and measurements available later in this site...Tony

With this background we are up to today... Taking the idea of Jack's willingness of sharing, the idea of a piece of rolling stock that could travel around the country and maybe overseas in Jack's name would be fun.

Jacks and Robs Wagons

The original Jack Wheldon coal wagon (left) Rob Kuhlman's fantastic copy (right)

Rob Kuhlman has graciously donated one of his Wheldon designed coal wagons for our purposes.

A mailing list of folks that would like to get in on the action is being drawn up. An announcement in Rob Kuhlman's 32mm News letter will kick off the beginning of the transfers...if you would like to be on the list send me an eMail or postcard so that a master list can be formulated. To save on the postage and handling I hope to be able to keep it in one country at a time...for example, here in Victoria there will be at least 3 railways that are interested. A photo of the wagon in service on your railway can be sent to me via eMail or snail mail. The photos will form the next page in this endeavour so all the world can see where the wagon is now. I will also publish a mailing list that will help keep track of the little wagon on its travels.

For the folks that are on 45mm gauge...put the wagon on a flat car ...well lashed down would make a great photo.

...on to the next page..."Where is the Wagon Now"!