...so where is the wagon now!

Leaving home from the Kuhlman "Linwood Mineral Tram" heading north to Victoria
British Columbia...with a good head of steam. The folks around "The Gritty Oyster Railway"
eagerly await the arrival!

Leaving Robs
"BILLY impatiently waits while the company photographer records the
Wheldon wagon's first leg of its ambitious journey"

Nigel Surprized
All around task manager and Railway man about town "Nigel" is surprised
to see "Bubbles" down the Cannery siding.  "Nigel" spots the newly arrived
Wheldon wagon safely at "The Gritty Oyster Railroad in Victoria BC Canada
after its long run from the South.

Avbury Junction take delivery
The Avebury Junction Chronicle:
Victoria, British Columbia, May 8, 2006
Today some of the residents of Avebury Junction welcome the touring Jack Wheldon
coal wagon. They also took the opportunity to view the railway's replica in its raw
state. After the ceremony the "Wheldon Wagon" was due to depart on the afternoon
mixed train on the long run to the Triangle Mountain Railway in Langford, British Columbia.

Wreck On Triangle Mountain
The arrival of three tons of best Welsh steam coal was sufficiently important
to tempt the TMR General Manager "Black Jack" Jarvis to
leave his office above the station and come down to supervise its disposal.
Unfortunately the driver of  Victoria, Old Ben Towershape
Gets very nervous when ever the boss is around, and in his eagerness to please,
He shunted the wagon and brake van too enthusiastically, with disastrous results.
J J Jarvis launched into a description of Ben, his parents and ancestors
which is better left to the imagination, while Ben told JJ that if he thought he
could do any better he should take his (censored) suit off and come and drive the
(censored) engine himself.
Close examination of the wagon revealed that it is a replica
of a Stewart Browne Archangel wagon Circa 1984. JJ Jarvis alleges
that the overly wide wheel treads and non standard couplers
are  obviously the cause of the derailment, and therefor the TMR
bears no legal responsibility for damages. The bits
are to be collected and mailed back to the owners.

Dave Lomas Manoa Railway
The Jack Wheldon wagon makes its way out onto the bridge and into
the daylight on the
"Manoa Valley Railway"of David Lomas in
Hawaii..."yes by some turn of good luck the 2 foot gauge
rails are in pretty good shape under 3000' of Pacific Ocean"
This may be the farthest West the sturdy little wagon might go.

Old friends meet up
Hard at work on Marc Horovitz's Railway, the "Ogden Botanical", the wagon
is being hauled by an original Wheldon Pooter, "Daisy Mutler." All of Jack's Pooters
were named after characters in George and Weeden Grossmith's book,
"Diary of a Nobody." The hero was Charles Pooter. Daisy Mutlar (Jack
actually misspelled her name on the engines name plates) was Charles' son
Lupin's girlfriend.

Pooter on bridge
Behind the wagon is one of Jack's old coaches from his Border Counties
Railway. It is somewhat worse for wear, but I am loath to repair
and repaint it, I may replace the window glass sometime and give it a gentle cleaning.

Ogden Botanical Railway
Daisy Mutler gave a fine performance today, in the autumn Colorado sunshine.
The engine ran smoothly for a half hour or so, with a distincly audible
chuff. It was great to spend the afternoon and brought back many
vivid memories of visits with Jack and his wife Jo.

Now on to points East with a good head of steam

Ron Vertrees
Ron Vertrees inaugural steamup was a great time to run our well
travelled wagon. Here we see it right at home
amongst  period rolling stock. A great day for a steamup that dawned
frosty and bright in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Algonquin Light Railway
Heading up North to Ontario Canada and gathering more graffiti along
the way. Wallace and Grommit inspect the latest arrival on the
Algonquin Light Railway of Jeff Young in Ontario Canada. This time being
hauled by Jeff's unusual springdrive steeplecab loco.

...onwards down the rails for more "WW" transfers