Onwards down the line...

Bill Burgess

A crisp Fall day on the "Oakville Valley Railway" sees Roundhouse "Dylan" spotting the wagon. The seasonal hazard of leaves on this line of Bill "Willbur" Burgess can make for some dangerous running, hope the driver keeps up a watchful eye!

William J Shipp

The Wheldon Wagon visits the Cyndavric, Murch Kursink & Bolsop Rly of Bill Shipp in Oakville Ontario. Bill's trusty Friog battery loco is making short work out of shuffling off down the line to to the outer reaches of Oakville Ontario.

Walt Gray

One way to move the traffic over the lines if the metals are too wide. The smartly turned out loco "Maureen" does the business on the "Trafalgar, Halton and Barnstaple" railway of Walt Gray. Soon the snow will fly and the warming 3 tons of coal will be well received on "TH&B" in Oakville, Ontario.

Peter Foley

The classic steamer "Sgt. Murphy" is getting steam up for the task of shifting the "Wheldon Wagon". The "Orchard Hill Light Railway" of Peter Foley sports a cool bobber brake van.

Ken Roach

Sporting the Maple Leaf proudly, Lazarus III, driven by Lenny Lenardion, passes by an old abandoned slate mine near Craigysgafn on its way to Ken Roach's "Beland Light Railway". This third Mamod of the Lazarus class of locomotives was raised from the dead by Vileoak Locomotive Works. Another great Mamodification by Ken in Hamilton Ontario.

Visiting James Ritson

The Wheldon Wagon amongst heavy traffic on James Ritsons Atlantic Junction Railway. Here it is returning to the terminus in January 2007. It is at the head of a ten car freight train, pulled by Taw, a Roundhouse Lynton and Barnstable locomotive. Yeo, a John Shawe built L & B loco, based on the Roundhouse version, is waiting in the platform road with a nine coach train of L & B coaches which will depart once Taw has cleared the section. The bogie vans in the background have lifting roofs which are convenient to store all of the loco servicing equipment, except for water, which Taw will be needing when it reached the loco servicing bay in the foreground. The main circuit on the AJRly is 75 yards long. Part of it can be seen in the background. The circuit is actually level, but the yard slopes over six feet, hence the variety in the length of the legs supporting the railway.


...picking up graffiti along the way is all part of the fun!

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