The Wagon has made landfall in England...Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

After a wayward start amongst the flowerpots Kevin Payne has our world traveller!

Kevin Payne

Our trusty wagon being shunted at Mahonia Junction on the North Buckinghamshire Soil Amendment Company's Tramway. Mohonia Junction is the start point of The Amazing Race, an annual downhill dash in pursuit of two barrels of cider and an escaping milkmaid, staged every July, and the coal in the wagon is to be used at the post-race stoat roast. Old Arfur Firebrace (so called because he is only 'alf a man below the waist, to accomodate various bits of loco pipework) keeps a weary eye on things from the footplate of "Primus" (named after a famous brand of camping stove). There were a few problems with gauge (32mm vs 45mm), but nothing insurmountable.

As an aside I want to hear more about the cider barrels and the escaping milkmaid! We will have to prod Kevin to get the full scuttlebut!

"An enguaging problem". Our trusty wagon having a spot of bother on the Russet Tor Light Railway of Phil Sixsmith. Looks like the wagon will have to go into the shops for a little bit of wheel spreading to accomodate Phil's 45mm line.

The Wagon spent some trime on Tag Gorton's Longlands and Western railway in Saltash, Cornwall, where it seen being hauled by "Chippy Joe", a 4-coupled Accucraft Chassis with a Mick Atkinson 16mm Baldrig etch-brass body with working automatic draincocks and resonator whistle...

The Wagon (after languishing "somewhere in the UK" for quite a while) showed up at Butterley where it was duly run.............


.......... to the satisfaction of all concerned!

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