The "Gritty Oyster" Winter 1908

The Folks at "South Oyster" had been snowed in for almost a week by one of the worst snow storms of the century. Word had come over the telegraph that the track gang had been out at work and the way was clear after mile 10 at "Dry Creek".

South Oyster station

"Miles" the fireman on old #3 readies the engine for his engine driver "Nigel". The town's folk had been down to the spur and dug the engine out of the train yard. The town's folk had also dug by hand all the way to the gap. "Nigel" figures if he can get the train up to the high ground the drifting won't be as bad and he can blast his way though to where the track gang had worked.

The telegraph had been right the track gang had been through the "Vale of Oyster" and "Dry Creek" they had made good work through this highly unstable avalanche area. Nigel gave the little engine her head and roared past…this area is a great spot for pictures and railfanning but not today! "Nigel" hopes that the water tower at the diversion will be ok and not frozen solid…he presses on…

Thundering through the steel bridge great clods of snow are flying all around the train…the track gang must have taken the "Y"…the slackers……now we are left to break ground by ourselves. Ice and snow build up around the wheels and under parts of our train. "Miles" gets out to hand sand and dig their way across the bridge…but to no avail…the ice encrusted rails are too much for our valiant little engine…and we are forced to back up and try to make a run for the spur up to "Anya's Oyster Plant"…maybe we can get a hot meal there and thaw out the passengers.

Snow is beginning to fall again and through every crack and crevice in the old combine snow is coming in. T make matters worse the potbelly stove had fallen over and covered everyone with black soot…not a good day.


Backing all the way up the spur to "Anyas Oyster Canning Plant" the crew breath a sigh of relief to have made it thus far. Now where is every one? Not a soul insight…guess the storm had the employees takin' some time off. Well out with the crowbar and off with the lock. Can't wait to get the stove fired up and I think some of those oysters are going to get eaten to night.

Check back soon for the continuing adventure of "The Storm of '08"



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